Becky Gleason's style of painting ranges from Impressionism to Realism. Her talent for recognizing beauty, in what seems to be all places and times, feeds her creativity and self expression. Favorite themes include women and their empowerment and communication, classic landscapes, and views of gracious living and beautiful surroundings. Becky's goal is to "create with joy" and to tap into the creative stream of consciousness that allows artists to feel suspended in time and place as they create their art. 

Becky welcomes opportunities for commissions. She is expanding her venue to include live event painting, focusing on capturing the special moments in weddings. She has a strong background in teaching both children and adults in creative, entertaining art classes. She's available for commissions, private parties and public speaking on the value of art education. 




“I have several pieces of Becky Gleason’s art in my collection.  I first saw her work at a gallery in North Carolina, and I was immediately attracted to her work.  She has a real way of capturing expression on faces, I think she paints people in situations that make you ask questions about the painting, like who are these characters, why are they there, and what is their relationship to each other.  Interesting and fun to contemplate, and I love having them in my collection.”
“One of my favorite pieces is a landscape…It’s a gorgeous arch that is formed by what appear to be ancient trees…takes me down the path every time I look at it.  Love it!”
“I saw this perfect little painting in a shop in L.A…it was a simple sunset over water, but I loved it instantly, and it makes me smile every time I see it.”
Becky always makes a painting party fun!  Great instruction, lots of ideas, and she’s always encouraging and makes you feel good about what you paint!  One of the best parts is the discussion…A group of best friends, wine, provocative topics, lots of laughter,…did I mention wine?  A great painting party…we’re still talking about it!” 
“Becky is a delight to work with!  She is an intuitive artist and has been able to create the perfect image for several interiors that needed just the right focal piece.  The right piece of art can absolutely transform a room, and her custom work is top notch.  I value her opinion and talents and I’ve worked with her on several projects.”